Our Partners

In Minneapolis, we’re blessed with a burgeoning urban agriculture scene, a supportive city government, an enthusiastic citizenry that cares about food and sustainability, and lots of great businesses and organizations whose values overlap with our own. Here are just a few of the great ones we’re working with this season:

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms provide mushrooms available from time to time at the farmstand.

The Beez Kneez maintains beehives at our main urban site and will have honey for sale at the farmstand.

Coastal Seafood is our neighbor, one of our benevolent landlords, and is among our most loyal supporters. Their fresh fish tastes really good with our veggies and fresh herbs.

Seward Redesign is another one of our benevolent landlords, and has also partnered with us to help secure grant funding for our bike trailer and high tunnel.

Garden Farme in Ramsey, MN where we rent 1/2 acre of land to sustain the CSA.

Seward Co-op provided us with a grant through the Seward Community Fund.

Kern Landscaping Resources is the source of our amazing soil mix, wood chips, and manure. Peter Kern has been an undying advocate local foods, especially us urban farmers.

There are many others who have helped us along the way, but we owe the most to our members. Consider becoming a part of the Growing Lots community today by joining our 2015 CSA or donating to our Share-a-Share Program!