CSA Information

Why Become a Member of Growing Lots Urban Farm this season?
Because as a member, you can look forward to:IMG_0464
  • Shares sized to accommodate 2-3 person households, over a 22 week season
  • Over 30 different vegetables, with some unusual varietals, along with different culinary herbs, fresh cut as you need them;
  • Centrally located on-farm pickup each week, so you can watch your veggies grow, enjoy the farm and really know your farmers;
  • CSA add-ons like our Fall Shares, Honey, and Ferments

"Of course we love the produce, but I also like that I can watch it grow and know the folks who grew it. Of course, thats is a cliche, but I'd be much less likely to join a CSA where I have no connection people wise or land wise."- 2015 CSA Member

Read on for more information about our 2017 CSA, or you can review our Growing Lots Member Agreement, check out the different membership options, or apply now.


The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program has been the backbone of Growing Lots since the beginning – 2016 will be the seventh season. This model of shared risk and shared bounty gives members the weekly opportunity to enjoy our urban oasis and chat with the people who grow their food; it also provides us, the farmers, with economic stability and the thrill of interacting personally with the people who take delight in the fruits of our labors.

Our CSA shares are intentionally sized and priced for smaller or busy households, because we understand nobody likes to waste fresh, beautiful food. They may be smaller than some other CSA shares on the market, but that’s because we’ve worked with our members to determine portions that they can realistically use from week to week.  Many of our past members were 2 person households, who reported that the share sizes were perfect for their needs.

Our full shares are equivalent to budgeting an average of $30/week for fresh produce throughout the growing season, though the actual value by years end averages out closer to $40/week… What a deal!  With an average of 10-15 lbs. of produce going into each full share over the course of the season, members end up paying about $2/lb. for their food. We also add value by spreading your produce out over a longer-than-usual 22-week growing season.



Each week, members also have some opportunity to customize their CSA selection. We offer choices each week and use a “Take-One-Leave-One” box at pickup to encourage you to leave produce you know you won’t use and, if it’s available, to take more of the veggies you love.

For all membership options, CSA pickups take place weekly on our farm throughout the growing season Wednesdays between the hours of 4PM and 7PM. Members are kept informed about the harvest in advance of pickup through a weekly full-color email newsletter throughout the growing season, including photos, seasonal recipes, and notes from the farmers.

We also offer a Fall Share that includes a hefty portion of fall crops each week from late-October to mid-November (average of 20 pounds per week of produce, much of it storage crops to last you through the winter). Additionally, we have add-on shares of Honey by The Beez Kneez and Kimchi by You Betcha Kimchi.

You can find more about our membership options here, download our Growing Lots Member Agreement for the nitty gritty details, or apply today. We value your membership immensely and hope you’ll join us for the 2017 growing season.