Photo Gallery: What’s in a share?

Each season as we craft our CSA, we try to challenge ourselves as growers and our members as eaters. That means new varieties, new vegetables, and more of the beloved standbys.

We’ve also found that our members value choice and don’t want their precious produce to go to waste. That’s why we offer members the ability to customize their shares to some extent each week: you can choose your favorites and leave behind what you don’t want or need.

Below is a nearly complete gallery of one member’s choices over the course of the 2012 growing season. [Keeping in mind, of course, that both the proportions and the selection here are reflective of a particular customer and a particular growing season. For a more exhaustive record of the weekly harvest in 2012, you can head over to our newsletter archive.]

Thanks to longtime member Jenny Bohlke for this amazing succession of photos (click for larger versions):