Share-a-Share Low-Income Application

Please fill out the form below to apply for a Share-a-Share CSA share. Once we receive the application, we will email you to confirm and to set up any payment plans that are necessary. The amount the Growing Lots can contribute to your share depends on the donations of the community. Know that we will try to honor what you are able to pay, but it is dependent on the amount of donations received in a given year. If you have questions, please email



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Our full shares cost $650 and offer a variety of seasonally available produce. This option is recommended for a household of 2-3 adults or a small family committed to cooking frequently. The regular season runs May 24th-October 18th.

Half shares are $350 and feature the same quantity and variety as full shares, but are picked up every other week. This option is recommended for a household of 1-2 adults or a larger household that cooks less often.

Fall shares are $250 and run October 25-Nov 15 and are picked up every week. You will get about 20-25 lbs of fall produce each box.

Receive 1 pint of kimchi or seasonal ferment made by You Betcha Kimchi (sauerkraut or kimchi variations or fermented pickles) every 2 weeks for the length of the regular season. Cost: $110 for 11 weeks total ($10 per jar). 

Receive a little over a pound of local, raw honey produced just across the street at the Beez Kneez your first pick up of the month for 5 months. Cost: $60 for 5 months ($12 per jar).

We will match the remaining amount of your share cost with donations we have received. Instructions for payment to follow by email.

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