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June 12th - October 16th

Enjoy the bounty of summer! No pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Just beautiful, rich earth, craft and skill goes into the production of our crops. This all translates into superior flavor, nutrition and storage life. Support sustainable, human scale farming and taste the difference!

FULL: 18 weeks $595 (w/ *home delivery $775)

HALF : 9 weeks $350 (w/ *home delivery $440 )

*Home delivery only available to Minneapolis proper currently. Space is limited.



October 30th - November 13th

Two weeks (every other week) of bountiful fresh storage crops and greens. Nourishing, savory staples that make the heart of the autumn kitchen beet! Don’t let the two weeks deceive you. These shares are loaded with staples that can keep well after Thanksgiving.

$125 (w/ *home delivery $150)




June 12th - October 16th

From our awesome friends over at Cosmic Wheel Creamery in Clear Lake, WI. This is nine weeks of premium, grass fed, raw cow’s milk cheese. Rich gouda, sharp white cheddar and creamy quark are just a few of the delectable selections they offer! If you love cheese and want to support sustainable dairy farming in the midwest this an absolute must.

9 weeks (every other week) $300

*home delivery included with Summer shares!

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July 10th - September 11th

From our lovely friend Molly at Northerly Flora. With unforgettable fragrance and vibrant colors these beautiful, fresh bouquets are grown right here in south Minneapolis. Order these and your kitchen table will have never looked better!

FULL: 10 weeks $205

HALF: 5 weeks $102.50

*home delivery included with Summer shares!



June 12th-October 16th

Our friends over at Cherry Tree House/Northwood Mushrooms are partnering up with us to provide a flavorful selection of log grown mushrooms from the heart of the Northwoods! 9 weeks of fungi goodness will add flavor and nutrition to each plate. The first week’s share is their famous Reishi Mushroom Brownie (soooo darn good!) and the last week is dried shiitakes and a savory jar of smoked shiitake butter perfect for meatloaf, soups, sourdough toast and popcorn. In between you’ll get 7 weeks of fresh mushrooms with a recipe of the week to help you make the most of each selection!

9 weeks (every other week) $60