National CSA Day Partayyy!!! (from 2/23/19)

I know most of you don’t have your party pants on today, but it’s national CSA day and there’s so much to celebrate!  Everyone who’s ever participated in a CSA can do a little dance to honor the powerful impact their CSA diet has on the resiliency of farming in America. Its kind of a big deal!

I’m checking in today from La Crosse, WI where Seamus and I are attending the annual MOSES organic farming conference.  With thousands of farmers in attendance from mostly the Midwest, but also from around the world, it’s unmistakable that small farming is as relevant today as anytime in our history.  This is my fifth year attending and each year my network of fellow farmers and allies grows exponentially.  Here I find myself among folks who have supported and inspired me in my farming career from my home state,  from coast to coast, and all the way from Washington DC.  Today being a farmer is making me feel like a rock star!  I’m trying to preserve this feeling to remind myself that I’m powerful even in my most modest of moments in the thick of farm season, covered in dirt, worried if all the blood, sweat and tears are worth it.

There are roughly 12,000 CSA farms across our nation, and 500,000 CSA members supporting their local farmers!  Together as farmers and consumers, we accomplish so much!  We create green careers, we provide habitat for pollinators, we save seed, steward native plants, we protect water, sequester carbon, adapt to climate change, reduce food miles and waste.  Small farmers and their allies lobby for good farm bill policies that affect public health and help our children have access to nutritious food.  Together we steward millions of acres of land, connecting entire communities to each other and the earth. CSA farmers and their members are funding some of the most important social, economic, and environmental work of our time all while not having to wait for permission from politicians or banks.  Do you have your party pants on yet?  Show me those dance moves!