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● For all membership options, CSA pickups take place on Wednesdays on our farm (22nd and Snelling site) throughout the growing season between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00PM. Fall Share pick up times will change with daylight availability and will be determined 2 weeks prior to first fall share pick up date (in the past, usually one hour earlier and one hour shorter than regular season pick ups). ● Share size and variety will vary each week according to what is seasonally available, and will vary from year to year. Though we endeavor to offer all the produce we list in our seasonal planting plan, some circumstances are out of the farmers’ control; we can’t guarantee the supply of any particular item. ● Members will receive a weekly full-color newsletter by email throughout the growing season, including photos, seasonal recipes, and notes from the farmers. ● Members are encouraged to provide their own reusable bags, boxes, baskets or panniers to transport their shares each week. We will provide plastic bags and/or waxed boxes for members who forget, but we encourage you to be resourceful and to reuse materials as much as possible. ● Although each member will have the same basic share options available to them on any given week, shares are moderately customizable and packed-as-you-wait in collaboration with the farmers. Members can pick which bunches or bags they prefer, will have some set choices between vegetables of similar types and uses (e.g. kale or Swiss Chard), and can use a Take- One-Leave-One system to get more of what you like and prevent waste. ● We understand that members inevitably miss some pickups during the course of the season, and when possible we encourage you to send a friend, family member or neighbor to pick up your share in your stead. Simply instruct your substitute to sign in with the name of your primary member and, if possible, give the farmers advance notice of the change. ● In certain cases—and with plenty of advance notice—the farmers may be able to make special arrangements for members to pick up their share outside the normal weekly hours. ● In the event that members miss a CSA pickup without notice or substitution, that member’s share will be donated to the food shelf. The Community Supported Agriculture Agreement By submitting my electronic/print signature here, I agree to invest the agreed upon amount in Growing Lots, LLC in exchange for their commitment to provide each member with a share of fresh produce for the agreed upon portion(s) of the growing season. Unless otherwise specified, all produce will be grown and processed by Growing Lots, which in turn will endeavor to return members’ investment by offering consistent, high-quality product, communications, and service to the extent of their ability. I have read and agree to the above CSA policies. I understand and accept the risk that forces beyond the farmers’ control can affect the timing, quantity and variety of the harvest, and also that payments made to the farm are non-refundable in any event. I also understand that, unlike store-bought produce, fresh, direct-to-consumer vegetables may not be uniform or unblemished in cleanliness or appearance, although all produce will be washed appropriately before distribution and is guaranteed to be free of synthetic additives, treatments, or applications of any kind. I release Growing Lots, LLC and its owners from any responsibility or liability for injuries that I, or anyone accompanying me, may incur as a result of being on the premises.

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